Learning Link DeKalb County

The Community Foundation of DeKalb County has provided community leadership around education since 2002 when we received a Lilly Endowment CAPE grant to create TerraFirma, an early literacy initiative. The literacy program providers that received funding from the initiative were able to embed many new early literacy strategies into their ongoing programs when, by design, TerraFirma ended in 2008.

Learning Link of DeKalb County was created to expand the community’s focus beyond early literacy to encompass encouraging educational opportunities for people of all ages. In early 2009, DeKalb County adopted the shared vision of working together through continuous learning to improve the quality of life for all. Rather than create new programs, the education initiative of the foundation focuses the entire community on a common agenda and common goals to raise the level of education countywide.

Learning Link is organized around three action teams, creating crucial links between early childhood, kindergarten to 12th grade education and adult learning by connecting community leaders with the people who provide educational programs. Each team is responsible for setting goals and indicators to measure progress and provide accountability. Most importantly, Learning Link provides a platform for cross-sector leaders to align their efforts and learn from one another.

Learn more about Learning Link DeKalb County at www.LLDekalb.org or contact the Learning Link of DeKalb County Director Judy Sorg at the community foundation office, (260) 925-0311 or email JSorg@CFDekalb.org