DeKalb's VOICE

(Views, Organizations, Improvements, Changes, Examples)

The community foundation’s youth philanthropy group, DeKalb’s VOICE, is a grant making advisory group with fourteen student members. VOICE meets once a month during the school year to learn about the community and its charitable needs.

DeKalb’s VOICE has members from DeKalb, Eastside, Garrett and Lakewood Park Schools. The students are grade 9 through grade 12. Once appointed, each student serves on the group through his/her high school graduation. The Dekko Foundation and Community Foundation DeKalb County sponsor DeKalb’s VOICE, working together to grow a new generation of philanthropic leaders.

2016-2017 DeKalb's VOICE members and guides

2016-2017 DeKalb’s VOICE members and guides: Front: Maddisyn Heffley, Annaliese Pfeffer, Aspen Pflughoeft, Kirsten Arnold, Rachel Shultz, Kallie Knott, Claire Comfort and Libbey Detcher.
Back: Lori Kaiser, Holly Joseph, Lukaas Roller, Julia Baker, Nicholas Miller, Rebecca Pfeffer, Colin Becker and Marcy Winterholter.


DeKalb’s VOICE grants support a wide variety of charitable needs in DeKalb County, Indiana. VOICE is currently accepting grant proposals with an October 31, 2017 deadline.