About the Community Foundation

Our Mission

The Community Foundation of DeKalb County promotes community philanthropy by offering local citizens the opportunity to create a charitable legacy that will sustain and improve life in our county.

What We Offer Donors

The Community Foundation provides a way for people to invest in the community’s future by creating permanent support for the charitable programs or organizations they care about. Their endowment gifts are never spent but are invested for growth and income. Each year part of the fund’s growth is returned to the community in the form of grants for charitable projects and programs. And each year a portion of the fund’s growth is reinvested in the fund to ensure that the fund grows with inflation.

Since the foundation’s creation in 1996 our donors have built $15 million in permanent endowment funds that grant over $500,000 a year to worthy local causes. These grant dollars strengthen our community and make life better for all who call it home.

Our Board of Directors

Dedicated volunteer board members use their collective wisdom and expertise to guide the Community Foundation’s impact on the community. Their dedication and commitment play a significant role in the foundation’s continued growth and success.

Community Foundation DeKalb County 2017 Board of Directors
Seated: Michael C. Payne, Secretary; Vanessa Sterling, Treasurer; Holly A. Albright, President; Matthew A. Bechdol, Vice President.
Standing: Barbara Olenyik Morrow, Becky Hefty, Kathie O. Swaim, J. Bryan Nugen, Marcia K. Weller, Phil Carpenter, Susan Whittington, Craig A. Polkow.
Missing: Ian A. Mercer, Terry L. Rayle, Advisor.